2019 was an exciting year! R & R For Vets Inc, on behalf of the veterans, or their surviving spouses, receiving assistance give thanks to all who gave back to our Santa Fe County veterans who reached out to our organization. You make a difference to our American heroes – the veterans who sacrificed their lives so that we enjoy freedom. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.

Our American veterans are not just soldiers; they are our heroes. Let us never forget the sacrifices they have made for us. You, as an individual or your company, can give back to a veteran, or their surviving spouse, in various ways. Connect with our Santa Fe County veterans in need by giving back. Show your support with a donation. Or become a Community Impact partner. You have Thanked Them for Their Service by giving them the gift of A DRY HOME – A SAFE HOME. 


The veterans, or their surviving spouses, go through a vetting process. Primary qualification: low-income veterans who are living on a fixed income and unable to make the necessary repairs to their homes due to a lack of resources are eligible. Due to those who require emergency repairs for health or safety factors, some applicants will wait until there is an opening. R & R For Vets reserves the right to manage the number of veterans to be served at any given time. 

If you are a veteran or the surviving spouse of a veteran in need of the services provided by R & R For Vets Inc,  we ask that you complete the Application for Services. Email us at for the application. You will be provided with the details of veterans services provided by our organization.


Examples of interior repairs include (but not unlimited to) bathrooms and kitchens, stairwells, doors (resizing for wheelchairs), weatherizing, and floor-ceiling - and wall repairs. Our criteria focus is on health and safety. 

During 2020, the goal is to expand our veteran services throughout the County. We seek qualified bonded and insured contractors in the outlying areas of the County. (Specifically, contractors available in the Pecos, Glorietta, and Espanola areas.)


Occasionally, with Board approval, R & R steps in when there is an emergency for a veteran in need when there are no other alternatives. A Santa Fe County Navy veteran (in need) could have found himself without water flowing into his residence this winter – a situation which may have resulted in severe medical implications due to lack of sanitation and hygiene. 

There were no community resources available for emergency repairs to his well. His residence would not be considered livable or safe without a supply of water. He lives alone and has medical issues. Therefore, R & R for Vets stepped in, reaching out to raise funds for emergency repairs. 

THE SANTA FE VETERANS ALLIANCE worked in partnership providing financial assistance. Also, a few ANONYMOUS CONTRIBUTORS CAME FORWARD. Also, KUCKELMAN PUMP SERVICE offered prompt, professional service to ensure that this vet could live his life out in dignity. 

Yet another genuinely fantastic CHRISTMAS PRESENT – THE GIFT OF A SAFE HOUSE. This vet sincerely thanks those who came forward with their kindness and generosity. He commented that he is so blessed to be living in Santa Fe. He is grateful beyond words. 

"Appreciation has the amazing habit of bringing more reasons to be grateful for." ― Isabella Koldras