The R & R for VETS ASHBAUGH RAMP PROJECT deeply resonates with the heart of our mission, telling a tale of enduring love that touches the soul. Surviving spouses of veterans often face financial hardships, health challenges, age-related issues, and a lack of support networks. They may struggle with roof repairs, accessibility modifications, or emergency repairs. Additionally, they may lack the physical ability, financial resources, or knowledge to tackle these needs. Thus, organizations like ours play a crucial role.

Moreover, surviving spouses might deal with health challenges or disabilities. The grief and emotional toll of losing a spouse can be overwhelming. Additionally, extended periods of grief may affect their daily functioning.

Organizations like R & R for VETS, which support veterans and their surviving spouses, are vital in overcoming these challenges. Thanks to our donors, we can provide resources for home repairs and modifications. Our organization also offers emotional support and guidance through the maze of services. Our work is incredibly important, offering practical help that can significantly improve the quality of life for surviving spouses, giving them the gift of ‘A Dry Home—A Safe Home.”

A Love Story that Brought Forth the R & R for VETS Ashbaugh Ramp Project

Rosalie shares a forty-five-year love story with us. At 17, Rosalie and Tilman’s paths cross, set up by his mother at the Yucca Drive-in in Santa Fe, where they work. Their love sparks immediately after Tilman completes his four-year Navy service. They marry, raising two sons and two daughters in New Mexico’s rich culture. Rosalie treasures many memories, especially celebrating the 4th of July early at Tilman’s grandparents’ home in Cimarron, a tradition that continues until their passing. Their story embodies the heart of our mission.

Tilman Ashbaugh’s Journey: From Navy Hero to Overcoming Health Challenges

Tilman Ashbaugh, born on January 25, 1930, embarks on a remarkable journey that ends on October 30, 2001. Now interred at the Santa Fe National Cemetery, his life stands as a testament to service and resilience. Serving in the U.S. Navy, Tilman plays a key role as a radio repairman, traveling the world aboard the USS Northampton, ECLC 1. He earned prestigious awards for his valiant service, including the National Defense Service Medal, the Navy Occupation Service Medal, the United Nations Service Medal, and the Korean Service Medal.

As he transitions to civilian life, Tilman seeks opportunities in the telephone industry. A required health examination uncovers a heart condition and coarctation of the aorta, leading to immediate surgery at the VA hospital in Albuquerque. Despite health challenges, Tilman continues to live a fulfilling life.

A Step Towards Safety Through R & R for Vets – Overcoming Mobility Challenges at Home

Recently downsizing, she now lives in a manufactured home that simplifies her mobility. However, the steep entrance steps pose a significant risk. She applies to R&R for Vets to overcome this and secures assistance for the gift of a ramp and grab bars. Contractor Tom Mendez recommends an aluminum ramp, ensuring it supports wheelchairs and includes handrails. Rosalie can now safely navigate in and out of her home, free from the fear of falling. LEARN ABOUT ALUMINUM WHEELCHAIR RAMPS VS. WOOD RAMPS.

“ASHBAUGH RAMP PROJECT: With R & R for Vets’ help, a surviving spouse gets a ramp and grab bars, enhancing home mobility and safety. – Rosalie Ashbaugh