APPLY FOR HELP FROM R&R for VETS.  Our organization serves Santa Fe County and nearby areas of, New Mexico. We deliver roof repairs, ramps, interior repairs, disability remodeling, and emergency home services to veterans and their surviving spouses in need.  Services are free to qualified applicants. All applicants must submit the veteran’s DD214, a copy of the veteran’s ID card number, a property deed, and a homeowner’s insurance policy. Additionally, photos of the repair areas and their last three bank statements may be asked for. Furthermore, we also include a detailed questionnaire. Moreover, we conduct an online search to assess the property’s location, value, and size.

After receipt of the application and documents, the vetting committee evaluates the application against our support criteria and mission alignment. We prioritize emergencies and may place routine assistance requests on a waitlist. In the end, we may also seek help from other agencies where needed.

Requesting documentation is vital for ensuring fair resource distribution, effective allocation, donor trust, and fraud prevention. It is crucial for R&R for VETS to require documentation to deliver services efficiently, ensure accountability, and maintain trust with partners and donors, ensuring our long-term success.



The detailed applicant qualification process is crucial for donor assurance. It ensures their contributions are directed effectively to those in genuine need. Here’s why each step is essential:

DD214 Requirement: Military service is varified through the veteran’s DD214 document. Mainly, this step is vital to ensure donations support true veterans, maintaining the program’s integrity.

Veteran’s ID Verification: By asking for a copy of the veteran’s ID, we confirm the applicant’s identity and service. Overall, this reassures donors that their funds aid verified veterans or their surviving spouses, deterring fraud.

Property Ownership Confirmation: The property deed requirement confirms applicants own their homes, focusing aid on homeowners rather than renters. In short, this assures donors that their gifts foster long-term stability for veteran homeowners.

Insurance Policy Examination: Reviewing insurance policies determines if repairs might already be covered, ensuring donations address uncovered needs. By and large, this maximizes the impact of each contribution.

Financial and Repair Needs Assessment: Photos of repair areas and recent bank statements help evaluate the urgency and legitimacy of each request.  Thus providing donors with a clear picture of their donations’ direct effects on veterans’ lives.

Property and Financial Analysis: A detailed questionnaire and property assessment give a full view of an applicant’s situation. For one thing, it ensures help goes to those truly in need, based on various factors including financial health and property value.

Vetting Committee’s Evaluation: Our committee’s comprehensive review process further assures donors that all applications meet strict eligibility criteria. Moreover, it guarantees that support reaches deserving veterans or their surviving spouses.

Informing donors about this process demonstrates our dedication to responsible donation use and supports transparency. It builds trust by showing that their generosity effectively aids qualified veterans, encouraging ongoing support.